Help with AAPC

This page is a repository of posts, lists, help files and recommendations which aid understanding.

  • AAPC? Newsgroups? What?
    This website was created for the denizens of a Usenet Newsgroup called alt.arts.poetry.comments
    If you want to join in the fun, this helpfile will tell you how.
  • Understanding AAPC
    Having trouble with the tone of some of the comments on aapc? Have a look here.
  • Most Common Mistakes
    Some opinions on the most common poetic mistakes made by novices and not-so-novices.
  • Recommended Books
    A list of books to develop poetic technique, with links to amazon - now residing on the research page.
  • Regular's Favourite Poets
    A partial and badly-sorted list of some of the poets most cited by regulars as favourites, with links for further research.