Links to Poetry

Following some attempts to categorise these links into sections, it has been decided to take a more freewheeling approach. All of the following are worth a visit, for different reasons - try one.

Recent Additions - Audio:

Main List:

  • Able Muse
    Formal poetry, with an emphasis on metrical, complemented by art and photography, fiction, essays, book reviews and interviews with the same focus. Consistently worth checking.
  • Al-Imam.Net Sound Page
    Islamic poetry/song sound files
  • The Alsop Review
    There are many reasons for vi siting The Alsop Review, not least the standard of the poetry, and the excellent Gazebo, a post-and-critique forum.
  • Atlantic Monthly
    includes an interesting audio anthology.
  • Bela Selendy
    Mini-collection of one-time AAPC regular Bela Selendy, now curator of
  • Bindi's Pages
    Poetry by our aapc regular from The Lost Continent.
  • The Big Bridge
    Chunky site with poetry, art, prose and a whole load of other stuff.
  • The Blue Moon
    Published continually since 1994, sells its own T-Shirts. These two facts must count for something.
  • Boston Review
    Describes itself as a 'literary and political forum' and consists of an extensive archive of writing of many sorts. Almost impossible not to find something you'll like.
  • Central California Poetry Journal
    Poetry by Californians and/or about California. It could be your dream or nightmare. Still, some very strong writing.
  • Conjunctions
    A varied 'audio vault' from this online zine
  • The Cortland Review
    An online magazine in RealAudio
    Must be visited. But perhaps only once. And not if you don't have/like Flash.
  • Double Dactyls
    Higgledy Piggledy, everyone needs to read...
  • duration
    BIG entry-point to a number of sites featuring poetry and other literature.
  • Eclectica Magazine
    Varied writing - of both genre and quality - but often provides a good set of reads.
  • Electronic Poetry Center
    Mammoth sound file archive.
  • Electronic Poetry Review
    Electronic Poetry Review is a journal dedicated to publishing experimental and more traditionally formal poetry, as well as interviews, essays on poetics, and book reviews.
  • Experioddica
    Experioddica -- a term originally used for experimental odd periodicals devoted to exotica, but whose meaning seems to have spread to cover all forms of underground art, science & other forms of culture (including, obviously, cyberculture).
  • Gravity
    Always worth a look.
  • Gumball Poetry
    New media and quirkiness.
  • Harper Audio
    including Dylan Thomas, TS Eliot - The Waste Land ...and many others.
  • Jack Magazine
    Poetry, short-stories, essays (general, philosophical, political, ecological), reviews, articles, parodies, road trip logs, personal experience, open letters, etc. Beat-flavoured.
  • Jacket Magazine
    Again, more full-featured than many online publications. Aussie-based, and a useful resource site for those who are likewise.
  • JAS Carter
    Some of Julie's work
  • The Listening Booth
    part of the site, sound files aplenty.
  • Magma
    Spruced up and with a new address, well worth a trawl-through for some good writing.
  • Missouri Review
    Solid site, solid work, solid contributors.
  • The Moonwort Review
    Better t han it appears at first look - scratch around for some good work.
  • Mudlark
    Aims for "accomplished work that locates itself anywhere on the spectrum of contemporary practice."
  • Mythologies
    Joy Yourcenar's site.
  • Nobody Here
    Fascinating site dealing in words presented in strange and beautiful ways. Flash, Java, God knows what else - not an anybrowser site, in any case.
  • Oasis
    This publication started in late 1996 in the form of a newsletter. Poetry and resources, as well as reviews etc.
  • Oriental Poetry
    AHA! Poetry - descriptions and discussion of many forms of oriental poetry
  • Perihelion
    Thematic issues, clean design, mostly strong writing.
  • Pif Magazine
    It has calmed down a little from earlier incarnations, and well worth a look for an interesting range of work.
  • PJR's Pages
    Poems by P.J. Ross with annotations on form.
  • Poesia
    An online publication of Latin-American poetry.
    Online litzine with poetry of wildly varying quality - but stacks of it.
  • Project Gutenberg
    A searchable database of authors, poetry and collections of poetry
  • Proof
    Quality Uni-based writing magazine. Generally very strong content, coupled with an interest in web technologies for delivering writing. That sometimes means Flash-only - you have been warned ;)
  • Riding The Meridian
    Lots of poetry (and a lot of other interesting literary stuff, too) - and consistently good quality.
  • Rik Roots
    Includes Rik's '22 Facets of My Father', which attracted interest on AAPC throughout 2001.
  • Scrawlmark Press
    Dennis Hammes' site of formalism run riot - bordering on the graphomane, but some excellent reading.
  • Sea Cannibal
    Martijn Bender's site. Prepare to have your senses (and browser) comprehensively taken over...
  • slope 16
    Some high quality poetry here. A sizeable online reading resource.
  • Snakeskin Poetry Webzine
    The serpent whispered unto Eve: / "Think and feel; don't just believ e." / This made the earth's foundations shake. / We are the kindred of that snake. [This verse manifesto continues for several stanzas. Hmm.]. Patchy at times, interested in hyper- and alternate-texts, it's hanging on in there.
    A beautiful site and the poetry of Preston Mark Stone - what could be better?
  • Spam Haiku
    Pink tender morsel...
  • SpokenWar
    "No Banners, No Bios, No Bullshit". occasional good piece of poetry.
  • the redneck review - home
    Even the texts are delivered by imagefiles, so it's sloooww. But the names are fun.
  • Switched-On Gutenberg
    Uni-based 'journal of global poetry', with themed issues. Lots of competent stuff.
  • Terrain
    "A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments". A wide-enough theme to produce a raft of interesting writings, and not just poetry.
  • Timbooktu
    Online resource and repository for African American writing and poetry, or Afrocentric themes.
  • Transcendental Friend
    Lots of thematic stuff.
  • University of North Carolina
    mantains an internet poetry archive, with readings by Milosz, Henay, Pinsky and others.
  • Very Bad Poetry I
    Have you heard of the dreadful fate..."
  • Very Bad Poetry II
    Seamus Cooney's site. Achieving VBP is not easy. The right combination of lofty ambition, humorless self-confidence, and crass incompetence is rare and precious
  • Web Del Sol
    Very full-featured literary arts site, including...well, just about everything. A portal, of sorts.
  • Xconnect
    Clean, competent, worth a regular read.